Conducting a deep dive in company financials through a review of financial reporting, financial policies and procedures, AP and AR figures, cash flow management, etc. The findings of the health check are discussed with the company’s management and a plan is proposed to address the needed changes should there be any.
On site financial health check
  • A financial expert performs a week’s health check of the company including analyzing the company’s financial reporting, an operational review, accounts payable and receivables figures and aging, working capital management, banking relationships, etc. 
  • The expert also interviews your senior management in addition to both accounting/ finance teams should there be any
  • The result of the financial health check is communicated through a written report including findings and recommendations
Financial Health Check Review
  • We make sure you understand everything by having senior management of the organization analyze the financial health check’s results and recommendations
  • We help you examine the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly and pinpoint the things you’re doing well, what you should look to changing over time, and what adjustments you need to make now since they are endangering your business or costing you money.
Financial Remedies plan
  • We propose a plan to address the priorities we’ve identified through detailed steps to implement needed changes, addressing each shortcoming we’ve identified
  • We provide the needed timeline to implement the changes
  • We specify the level of staff participation in the procedure and the implementation’s cost impact
  • This plan can be executed through an interim outsourced CFO service provided by Optimize or can serve as a reference document that you may use to resolve your shortcomings internally.