“EU4Environment: Green community-resilient future” Project


  • The Project funded by EU and titled “EU4Environment: Green Community-Resilient Future” is introducing green urban
    development model aimed at Armenia’s enhanced environmental protection and climate change adaptation. The
    project lead is Armenia Tree Project with the Jinishian Memorial Foundation and the Armenian Agency Foundation as
    co-applicants. The project works in the selected fifteen provinces of Lori, Shirak and Tavush. The
    objectives to increase environmental protection and climate change adaptation capacities in Armenia’s small regional
    cities and towns.


  • To develop interactive and detailed training modules and curricula
  • To deliver the trainings to selected responsible persons (specific sector responsible employees at community
    offices of targeted regions).
  • To develop a detailed evaluation of the modules by the participants so that the training results can be assessed
    according to the participant evaluation


  • Management of natural resources by Mr. Hayk Igityan
  • Energy efficiency and renewable energy by Mr. Njdeh Andriazian
  • Waste Management by Ms. Shushanik Babayan
  • Basic introduction to “green transport” by Ms. Anahit Manasyan
  • Care and management of greened areas by Ms. Zara Tarkhanyan
  • Public and private partnership development by Ms. Anahit Manasyan
  • Environmental education and awareness raising by Ms. Zara Tarkhanyan
  • Electronic management by Mr. Njdeh Andriazian
  • Sustainable management of finances and fundraising by Mr. Hrayr Barsoumian
  • Monitoring of the projects by Mr. David Iskandaryan